Russia: frosts in the south led to significant losses in the seed crop

Russia: frosts in the south led to significant losses in the seed crop


Harvesting apples in Russia this year will be lower than last year, which will lead to higher prices

This year, in Russia, the apple harvest will be below average perennial values ​​due to spring frosts in the Krasnodar Territory, which produces about 40% of the total volume of marketable apples. At the time, the losses were 60-80%, but some of the trees bloomed again. However, it is obvious that fees this year will be lower than last year, which will lead to higher prices, the head of the Fruit and Vegetable Union of the Russian Federation Mikhail Glushkov told Agroinvestor. According to him, a kilogram of apples in wholesale now costs 60 rubles, last year – 50 rubles.

The increase in production costs due to the devaluation of the ruble also affected the price increase. However, in the future, the price will depend on the balance of supply and demand, adds Glushkov. “I hope that demand will be high, and farmers will be able to make good money. And people will buy apples at affordable prices, that is, they will not be very expensive, ”he says.

The collection of some summer varieties of apples is just beginning, but now we can confidently say that due to bad weather their harvest will be less than last year, even despite the introduction of new orchards, confirms Tamara Reshetnikova, General Director of Rostov Technologies. “According to some farm owners, the harvest will be 20-30% less. Others also cite higher loss figures, ”she adds. According to her preliminary estimates, this year the crop is unlikely to exceed 600 thousand tons, but the weather can still make its own adjustments.

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According to Reshetnikova, this year the price increase for apples is unlikely to exceed 10%, but the question is what will happen in February-March 2021: due to lower yields and possible deterioration of fruit quality due to hail in the south of the country, a smaller volume apples can be stored, and it will be harder to keep them. “It is very likely that retail prices for apples will rise dramatically at the beginning of next year,” she adds.

Gardeners in the south of Russia and the North Caucasus suffered losses due to damage to a large proportion of fruit and berry stands at the flowering stage due to an abnormally warm winter and spring frosts. Thus, in May Zamir Balkizov, director general of the largest giant company Ingushetia in Ingushetia, estimated loss of stone fruit in 90% in May and seed crop in 40%. “We will lose more than 920 million rubles this year,” he added.

In GKU “Stavropolvinogradplodoprom” damage to pome crops, including apple trees, amounted to about 51% of the area, stone fruit – about 57% of the area. A preliminary forecast for possible losses in the revenue of manufacturers is about 500 million rubles. The administration of the Krasnodar Territory said that it is expected that the yield of stone fruit crops will decrease by 80% compared to last year, and pome crops by 60%. The Ministry of Agriculture of Adygea estimates crop losses at a level of 30% to 60%.


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