Russia: Despite the decline in supply, prices for greenhouse tomatoes began to decline

Russia: Despite the decline in supply, prices for greenhouse tomatoes began to decline


Due to cloudy and rainy weather, the selection of tomatoes in the factories slightly decreased

Despite the reduction in the supply of greenhouse tomatoes in the Russian market, prices in this segment have begun to decline, EastFruit analysts say. According to representatives of greenhouse plants, the main reason for the negative price trend was a significant decrease in demand for greenhouse tomatoes.

For example, most stationary greenhouse plants hoped that demand and prices in this segment would continue to grow, as the samples at the plants decreased somewhat due to cloudy and rainy weather. But instead, they had to cut prices, since the rise in prices in this segment a week earlier had an extremely negative impact on the sales rates of greenhouse tomatoes.

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So, today the sale of greenhouse tomatoes is carried out at a price of 40-70 rubles / kg ($ 0.51-0.89 / kg), which is on average 11% cheaper than at the end of the last working week.

Note that, despite the reduction in price, today a greenhouse tomato on the Russian market is on average 15% more expensive than at the end of September 2019. At the same time, according to key market players, if weather conditions continue to contribute to a decrease in tomato samples in stationary plants, then prices in this segment will start to grow again.


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