Russia: Demand and Potato Prices Continue to Fall

Russia: Demand and Potato Prices Continue to Fall


There is an oversupply on the potato market of the Russian Federation, provoked by another increase in potato production in the country

According to EastFruit project specialists, from the end of December last year to the present, the demand for potatoes in Russia remains at a rather low level. At the same time, producers still have no opportunity to raise prices for these products, mainly because of the large stocks of potatoes in households.

So, today, farmers in the main regions of production are ready to ship potatoes at a price of 6-13 rubles / kg ($ 0.10-0.21 / kg) depending on the quality, and producers recognize that it is more expensive than 8 rubles / kg ($ 0.13 / kg) transactions are quite rare. As a result, only since the beginning of this week, this tuber has fallen in price by an average of 10%.

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Market participants consider the reason for such low prices to be rather low rates of sales amid excess supply on the market, provoked by another increase in potato production in the country.

It is worth noting that at the moment, potato prices in Russia are already on average 21% lower than in mid-January 2019. At the same time, market participants are quite pessimistic. According to them, given the rather large free volumes on the market, there is no reason to count on price increases in the potato segment in the near future.


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