Rising prices for apples of the main varieties strengthened – market review for the 6th week of 2020

Rising prices for apples of the main varieties strengthened – market review for the 6th week of 2020


Golden Delishes is the most sought after apple variety in the EastFruit region

If we consider the development of the situation on the apple market in the countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region over the past week as a whole, we can confidently say that price growth trends have strengthened. Project analysts noted relative stability in this market segment in Georgia, Poland and Belarus. At the same time, in all other countries of the region, prices for apples of the main varieties gradually increased throughout the entire reporting period.

Apple prices perfomance as of Feb 14, 2020

The Golden Delicious apple variety was noted as the most popular on the 7th week of this year, as average prices for it rose from 7.5% to 10.9% in the four analyzed countries of the region. The second most popular variety for this period was Jonagold, whose prices also rose in four countries of the region, and in Ukraine this variety added almost 20% compared to the previous week.

Project analysts recorded a similar increase in prices in the Idared segment of the Ukrainian market. According to local operators, the quality indicators of the aforementioned apple varieties in Ukrainian storages were at a higher level compared to other products.

The “Renet Simirenko” variety, which has risen in price in Uzbekistan, also noted a significant increase in prices over the past week. Sellers were able to review previously announced price lists for this apple immediately by 25%, which was facilitated by a rather limited offer of these products on the market.

Apple prices as of Feb 14, 2020

The last rise in price of apples on the Ukrainian market, according to EastFruit analysts, did not significantly affect the overall price situation in the region. As before, it was in Ukraine that one of the lowest apple prices remained, apart from Poland, among all the countries analyzed, Gardeners from Moldova managed to establish more acceptable prices for apples in the second half of this season, and by the end of the reporting period it was almost equal to price indicators with the Belarusian market.

As before, the most expensive apples in the region were offered on the market of eastern countries, namely in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and, according to project experts, a drastic change in the situation on the apple market in eastern countries is expected in the near future, but today you can already it’s safe to say that the process of gradual development of intensive gardening is constantly moving there.

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