Rating of the top 5 international fruit and vegetable trading groups in Telegram and Viber

Rating of the top 5 international fruit and vegetable trading groups in Telegram and Viber


Thanks to the profile groups in the messengers in the last 2-3 years, many producers and suppliers of fruits and vegetables have discovered unlimited possibilities for finding counterparties.

Over the past two or three years, there has been a sharp change in approaches to the sale of fruits and vegetables by producers and traders. Many of them have discovered unlimited possibilities of searching for counterparties (suppliers and buyers) without leaving their homes or directly from the field thanks to the development of various instant messengers. This process was significantly accelerated with the entry into the Telegram arena – the most convenient and universal tool for such transactions today.

However, Viber was the first on the market, so many still use groups on this platform.

EastFruit decided to conduct a small study and create a rating of groups specialized in vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts by the number of participants, as well as evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of these groups.

  1. Interestingly, the rating was headed by the youngest of the groups – EastFruit Trade Platform– having already more than 5 thousand participants from more than 25 countries of the world. The main feature of this group is full integration with the EastFruit portal, which makes any ads placed in it available on the site. So the chances of a successful sale are increasing dramatically, because only the portal has more than 100 thousand monthly audience! Also in this group there is no advertising at all, there are a large number of large manufacturers and traders who are not in other groups, clear rules, professional moderation and the highest growth rates. Hard moderation is also probably the main disadvantage of the group, as not all participants want to adhere to any rules and react nervously to the need to comply with them. However, we still recommend that you comply with them, because they will help sell more efficiently. Read more about this in this blog. The most active in this group are traders and farmers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan. Only information on products is placed in the group, and proposals on technology elements: seedlings, machinery, equipment, packaging, etc. – taken out in a separate group, which is very convenient. Both groups together have more than 8 thousand people.
  2. The second place in the ranking of popular platforms was taken by one of the oldest fruit and vegetable trading groups – “Vegetables and fruits in bulk, agricultural exchange”. It is not surprising that it was created and operates on the basis of Viber. The group currently has more than 4.6 thousand participants and also relatively stringent rules, which are mainly respected. Although the group is international, but the vast majority of proposals are placed here by vegetable growers, gardeners and traders from Ukraine. You can advertise in a group. The main disadvantages are the disadvantages of the Viber platform: the inability to search, the instability of the platform, the low download speed, the inability to contact some of the members of the trading group, etc. Despite this, the group continues to grow and remains one of the most popular in the region.
  3. International Telegram GroupSHP “Sad-Ogorod»Takes the third place and has 4.2 thousand participants. Although it is called fruit and vegetable, you can find here advertising of various services and non-fruit and vegetable products. Nevertheless, the group mainly adheres to the fruit and vegetable theme. Unfortunately, a link to this group is not available – therefore it is better to look for it directly in the messenger. The group actively offers advertising for money and the most active here are Russian companies.
  4. Telegram based group MegaFruit has more than 2.6 thousand participants. Link to it is also unavailable. As a rule, companies from Russia are placed here, advertising is actively promoted.
  5. Another group based on Telegram Vegetables of Russia has more than 2.4 thousand participants. Link to it is also unavailable. Interestingly, quite a lot of Uzbek companies are advertised here.

This is followed by a number of groups based on Telegram with audiences of about one and a half thousand or less, the names of which it makes no sense to bring, because they do not yet have much influence on the market. Also, it is obvious that the concentration of the audience will occur in the top 5 groups or even possibly in the top 3. There are also influential groups for individual countries. Groups for trade in fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan are especially active, however they are conducted in the Uzbek language, have a clear national orientation and, as a rule, do not have strict rules, which makes studying the content not very convenient.

It should also be noted that, despite the relatively large number of users from Ukraine, participants in the fruit and vegetable market from this country are much less active in posting their offers than users from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. By the way, this activity is bearing fruit – only through the EastFruit Trade Platform did several exporters from these countries manage to find buyers for vegetables and fruits in Poland. Also, thanks to this activity, Uzbek exporters of dried fruits and greens were able to greatly strengthen their positions in the Ukrainian market.

Recently, companies from Belarus, where trade is booming, and where traders understand the need to advertise their goods, have begun to be much more active. Largely thanks to the EastFruit project, Telegram has become more actively used by market participants from Moldova.

It is also interesting to note the activity of suppliers from Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Iran, who also actively advertise their products in Russian, in particular on the EastFruit channel.


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