Quarantine helped Ukrainian producers find a new sales channel for greenhouse vegetables

Quarantine helped Ukrainian producers find a new sales channel for greenhouse vegetables


Fresh Hub’s main products are small cucumbers

Greenhouses farm Fresh Hub from s. Osipovka, Odessa region (Ukraine) was necessarily grown with small cucumbers with a flower. Such products were in the top of restaurant orders. Producers grew cucumbers specifically for HoReCa and were pleased with the profitability of their business. But, as the Ukrainian horticulture business development project (UHBDP) writes on its Facebook page, quarantine destroyed the existing sales channels of the farm.

More and more often, information sounds that agricultural producers throw crops into the planting or simply plow the fields, but Fresh Hub did not give up. Greenhouses began to look for an alternative distribution channel for their cucumber and found a Santim supermarket chain. Manufacturers were able to rebuild and without any problems fulfilled the conditions of a new buyer. The supermarket takes a larger cucumber (7-8 cm) and without a flower. Sales are getting better.

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A working idea has already appeared – to release cucumber to a supermarket in small packaging of 0.250 kg and 0.500 kg. Now Greenhouse Fresh Hub miscalculates the economic feasibility. Radishes in bunches, young garlic and green onions are sold in Odessa markets, which operate under quarantine ..

Greenhouses go out on the open ground. Farm Fresh Hub is preparing a plot of open ground for planting bushes of wild strawberries. Seedlings are already being grown. We chose the Alina-15 variety, which allows harvesting up to 1 kg of berries from a bush in the first year. Landing is scheduled for late April, the crop is expected in July.


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