Prices for watermelon collapsed in Georgia, and melon prices were rapidly falling in Ukraine. Gourds market overview for the 29th week of 2020

Prices for watermelon collapsed in Georgia, and melon prices were rapidly falling in Ukraine. Melons market overview for the 29th week of 2020


The next week in the melons market ends with the dominance of price decline trends

As predicted earlier, the steady hot weather in most countries of the region monitored by the East-Fruit project this week contributed to a gradual increase in the supply of melons and gourds on the market.

As a result, the project analysts noted the strengthening of negative price trends for melons in the countries of the monitoring region, and the sellers’ price revision upward was recorded in isolated cases, but these actions did not lead to a cardinal change in the established price trends.

On the Ukrainian market at the beginning of the reporting period, analysts of the East-Fruit project recorded a collapse in prices for watermelons, immediately to $ 0.08 / kg, since the supply of products significantly exceeded the established demand. Further, the situation in Ukraine received a new development. Due to the gradual reduction in the supply of early varieties of watermelons and the complete lack of supply of later varieties, sellers were able to increase the selling prices for existing batches of products. By the end of this week, the price tags for watermelons in Ukraine reached the mark of $ 0.20 / kg, but this was almost 20% lower than at the end of the previous period.

The maximum reduction in the price of watermelons this week was recorded by the project analysts in Moldova and Georgia. And it was in the latter that, having dropped to $ 0.08 / kg, watermelons were on sale at the lowest prices in the monitoring region. Previously set prices in Tajikistan also decreased to the same level, where for a long time watermelons have been the cheapest among all the analyzed countries in the project monitoring region.

Without surprises, the next week of 2020 ended in the melon market: this type of melon was predicted not to have risen in price in any of the countries in the East-Fruit project monitoring region. The price situation in the melons segment has stabilized in the markets of Poland, Moldova and Tajikistan, where the supply fully meets the demand.

In the rest of the countries of the monitoring region, melons continued to gradually lose value. According to project experts, the maximum melon price collapse over the past week was recorded in Ukraine, where, with a sharp increase in supply, average prices for the reporting period from $ 0.93 / kg immediately fell to $ 0.37 / kg, which was more in line with the figures in eastern countries monitoring region.

Since melons in Belarus were gradually becoming cheaper throughout the past week, the highest prices by the end of the reporting period were formed on the Polish market, on average $ 1.14 / kg.

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