Prices for raspberries for processing are rising in Poland

Raspberry prices in Poland increased by one zloty per kilogram over the week. Frozen raspberries cost around € 3 / kg, AgroTimes reports.

In Poland, the raspberry harvest is estimated at 120 thousand tons – as in 2020. At the same time, the processing needs are huge, since this year the supply of berries on the world markets has sharply decreased. Poland’s main competitors – Serbia and Chile – harvested less raspberries than planned. In addition, most countries, including Poland, entered the new season without stocks of frozen raspberries and concentrate.

This situation is immediately reflected in prices. On the European market, prices for concentrated raspberry juice exceeded 20 EUR / kg. Frozen raspberries cost € 3 / kg, says the Polish Institute for Agricultural Economics.

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Compared to last week, purchase prices for raspberries in Poland have increased by 1 zloty per kilogram. Now raspberries, delivered for processing, cost about 4 euros / kg for the first class and slightly less than 3.88 euros / kg for the second. These are twice as expensive as a year ago.