Prices for fruits and berries in Ukraine have risen sharply compared to 2019

Prices for fruits and berries in Ukraine have risen sharply compared to 2019


The supply of first berries fell sharply compared to last year, and prices, accordingly, remain high

EastFruit analysts note that despite the decline in consumer income due to the coronary crisis, prices for fruits and berries on the Ukrainian market are at historically high levels.

More than other products, as of the beginning of June, wholesale prices for garden strawberries (strawberries) rose – an average of 2.6 times. The main reason, according to experts of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPOA), was the influence of adverse weather conditions on the berry crop. Several waves of frost, the last of which was in the second half of May, which had never been in history before, destroyed a significant part of the crop. Therefore, the supply of strawberries fell sharply compared to last year, and prices, accordingly, remain high. The situation is exacerbated by cool and cloudy weather in most production regions, which delays the ripening season of the berry.

“A decrease in the yield of garden strawberries and a high level of prices may have a negative impact on the export prospects of this berry in frozen form. Most likely, the supply of raw materials for freezing this year will decline. In addition, according to our data, “frosts” will be very cautious in pricing fresh strawberries, as there are still enough offers for the harvest of 2019 on the market, and Egypt and Morocco still sell the remains of frozen berries at extremely low prices. ” – says Katerina Zvereva, director of development of the UPOA.

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Almost as sharply as strawberries, cherries and apples rose in price. The fact that the bulk of the cherry crop died due to frost, we have already written. This is the main reason for the high prices for it – these fruits are simply too few, and it is not so easy to wholesale cherries. The negative impact on the crop and its quality is exerted by heavy rainfall, which took place in most regions of the country in the past two weeks.

Apple prices remained high throughout the season, also due to a decline in production in 2019. Currently, apple stocks in the storage facilities of Ukrainian gardeners are almost completely exhausted, and mainly imported apple is on the market. Accordingly, its prices are high. After all, not only in Ukraine, but also in most European countries, there is a problem with the harvest of cherries, berries and other early fruits, which contributes to good demand for the apple.

During the year, pear prices increased by 30-35% and now in the Ukrainian market you can find mainly imported pear.

Of imported fruits, banana prices were least likely to rise. In fact, a banana has risen in price by an average of 2-4% in the wholesale trade over the year, which makes it the most affordable fruit after an apple. Lemon prices are now on average 25% higher than a year earlier, and orange – 40% higher. Demand for these fruits rose sharply in the midst of a coronary crisis pandemic, so their prices also remain quite high.

It is expected that in the near future the supply of imported apricot from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Spain will increase in the Ukrainian market. Unfortunately, apricot orchards in Ukraine have also been severely affected by frost, and the yield of their own stone fruits will be extremely low. Naturally, one cannot also expect low prices for apricot this season.

The first honeysuckle is already beginning to appear on the market. True, prices for it have not yet been finalized, since the supply volumes remain very small.

A week later, the first batches of early blueberries from the southern regions of Ukraine should begin to arrive on the market. Blueberries, according to farmers, also suffered from frosts, however, according to the USOA, the entry into fruiting of large areas of blueberries this year should compensate for the decrease in yield. Therefore, the total supply of this berry can even grow. Accordingly, it is possible that blueberries will become the only berry whose prices this season will be lower than a year earlier.


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