Prices for all berries and stone fruits in Ukraine as of the morning of June 17, 2020

Prices for all berries and stone fruits in Ukraine as of the morning of June 17, 2020


In Ukraine, prices for strawberries (strawberries), the most popular berry on the market, have risen again.

The berry season in Ukraine is in full swing, so EastFruit analysts are closely monitoring the situation in the wholesale market for fresh berries.

As of Wednesday morning, June 17, 2020, in Ukraine prices for strawberries (strawberries) again increased – the most popular berry on the market at the moment. The worsening weather in the central regions also worsened the quality indicators of strawberries and reduced supply, which also affected prices. For low quality berries in the central regions, they are now asking from 45 UAH / kg ($ 1.7 US dollars per kg) for shipment from the field, and small-scale wholesale selling strawberries at prices ranging from 60 to 80 UAH / kg ($ 2.2-3, 0).

In the southern regions, strawberries cost from 60 to 90 UAH / kg ($ 3.0-3.4). In the western regions, strawberries are currently being bought at farms at 50-70 UAH / kg ($ 1.9-2.6) at farms, and in wholesale markets it costs an average of 5-10 UAH / kg more expensive.

Over the past two days, raspberries and blackberries have fallen in price by an average of 50 UAH / kg ($ 1.9), but their offer remains very small. Now you can buy raspberries in small wholesale at 200 UAH / kg ($ 7.4), and blackberries – on average at 150 UAH / kg ($ 5.6).

Blueberries remain very expensive. Now you can buy it on average at 300 UAH / kg ($ 11.1) in small wholesale, but the offer is growing rapidly, so there are already the first offers of berries of not the highest quality at a price of 200 UAH / kg. Two days ago, blueberries of Ukrainian origin were sold, as a rule, at 400 UAH / kg ($ 14.9).

There are already red currants and gooseberries in the wholesale markets. The prices for them are formed at approximately the same level – from 70 to 80 UAH / kg ($ 2.6-3.0) when sold in small wholesale and slightly cheaper on the condition of self-removal from the economy.

As for honeysuckle, its offer remains low-volume. The average selling price of honeysuckle in small wholesale ranges around 300 UAH / kg. In some supermarkets, the retail price for honeysuckle has already dropped to 320 UAH / kg (39.9 UAH per 125 grams). However, this year there will most likely be few berries, and it is unlikely that the price will drop very much.

Stone fruits: cherries, cherries and apricots are kept in price, because This year Ukraine lost the bulk of the crop due to frost.

Cherry is usually sold at 50 UAH / kg ($ 1.9), although cherries with a diameter of more than 28 mm and with high quality parameters, as well as in good packaging, can be sold at 90 UAH / kg ($ 3.4). Cherry costs an average of 30-40 UAH / kg ($ 1.1-1.5), and apricot – 30-50 UAH / kg ($ 1.1-1.9). At the same time, apricot prices began to rise this week.

The plum has not yet ripened, so only a few offers of imported plum appear on the market. Apricot from Uzbekistan, Turkey and Spain is also imported to Ukraine. At the same time, prices for it are comparable with prices for Ukrainian products, and quality parameters are often higher.


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