Potatoes in Ukraine for the year fell by 30 percent

Potatoes in Ukraine for the year fell by 30 percent


Such conclusions were drawn by Info-Shuvar specialists, analyzing the data of their own daily price monitoring in the wholesale markets of Ukraine.

As of April 20, the potato harvest of 2017 at the wholesale sites of the country is offered at 3.8-4.5 UAH / kg (0.12-0.14 EUR / kg), for large wholesale sellers agree to reduce the price by another 5- 7%

According to the Info-Shuvar monitoring data, at the largest in the Western region wholesale Shuvar market in Lviv, potatoes are offered at 3.8-4.3 UAH / kg (0.12-0.13 EUR / kg).

Sellers of the Stolichniy market in Kiev set prices for potatoes at almost the same level – 4-4.5 UAH / kg (0.12-0.14 EUR / kg).

Over the entire storage period, Ukrainian potatoes became only 5-7% more expensive, which actually means losses for resellers who bought potatoes in September 2017 for resale in spring 2018.

Most of these businessmen planned to start selling from storage in April, focusing on the scenario of the last season, then in April the price of potatoes quickly began to rise and by the end of April reached 6 UAH / kg (0.21 EUR / kg). But this season, prices were kept at a stable low level, even despite another reduction in production space in the commercial sector.

As it turned out, the decrease in plantations was completely offset by higher yields, in addition, the population in their own plots in 2017 grew almost as many potatoes as in 2016.

Source: shuvar.com

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