Potatoes fell in price in the Russian Federation, and carrots in Belarus. Market overview for the 28th week of 2020.

Potatoes fell in price in the Russian Federation, and carrots in Belarus. Market overview for the 28th week of 2020.


Potato prices have fallen in Russia. Carrots fell in price in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan

According to East-Fruit, this week the main event in the potato market was a collapse in prices in Russia. At the same time, potatoes also fell slightly in Ukraine and Poland, while in other countries the market was almost stable. As for carrots, here the negative price dynamics was more pronounced, and prices for these products decreased in most of the countries included in the regular monitoring of the project.


Potato prices as of July 10, 2020

The most significant rate of decline in potato prices this week was observed in Of Russia. Here, the intensification of the harvesting campaign and an increase in the supply of products led to the fact that prices fell by 24-32%, reaching $ 0.18-0.27 / kg at the end of the reporting period. The potato also fell a little in price Poland and Ukraine, falling in price by only a few cents per kg. In the first, these products could already be purchased at $ 0.08-0.15 / kg, and in the Ukrainian market prices fell to $ 0.24-0.30 / kg.

Meanwhile, in other countries, prices have rarely been reviewed. The most expensive potatoes were still on the market. Tajikistan and Belarus: an average of $ 0.35 / kg and $ 0.33 / kg, respectively. IN Moldova prices, as before, ranged between $ 0.29-0.35 / kg. The prices for these products in Georgia: here they were still fixed in the range of $ 0.16-0.23 / kg.


Carrot prices as of July 10, 2020

The carrot market was less stable, and prices for these products declined in at least four East-Fruit monitoring countries. So, carrots fell a little on average to $ 0.66 / kg per Belarusalthough this country still held the lead in this indicator.

Carrot sellers were forced to lower prices. Of Russia and Ukraine in view of the continued growth in the supply of these products. At the end of the week, carrots were offered at $ 0.25-0.40 / kg on the Russian market, while in Ukraine these products were sold at $ 0.26-0.33 / kg.

Carrots also dropped significantly in price Tajikistan. Here, due to overproduction and difficulties with export, prices for carrots of the new crop fell to $ 0.10-0.17 / kg. The situation in the Tajik market was also aggravated by a rather high supply of products from the previous crop, which was offered at $ 0.07-0.09 / kg.

Meanwhile in Georgia, Moldova and Poland the carrot market remained almost stable. In the first, these products were offered at $ 0.20-0.33 / kg, in Moldova prices ranged between $ 0.41-0.52 / kg, and in the Polish market, carrots from the 2020 harvest were still offered at $ 0.51- 0.58 / kg.

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