Potatoes fell in price in Poland, and carrots in Russia – market overview for the 6th week of 2020.

Potatoes fell in price in Poland, and carrots in Russia – market overview for the 6th week of 2020.


In Poland, potato prices rose and carrots fell in price. In Uzbekistan, the situation was exactly the opposite. Carrot prices also fell in Russia and Tajikistan


According to the East-Fruit project, the most active dynamics of potato prices this week was observed in Poland. So, according to the results of the reporting period, domestic products fell in price here on average by 16% and at the end of the week they offered $ 0.21-0.30 / kg. In turn, importers also slightly reduced prices for products manufactured in the Netherlands or Belgium, which could be purchased from $ 0.26 / kg.

As a result, Poland, which until three weeks in a row held the championship in potato prices among all countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, lost this title Moldova. It should be noted that the situation on the Moldovan market was more stable, and prices remained in the range of $ 0.29-0.34 / kg. Similarly, potato sellers in Georgia: $ 0.24-0.35 / kg.

Potato prices as of Feb 07, 2020

Meanwhile in Ukraine the situation stabilized after the price collapse a week earlier, and both domestic potatoes and products from Belarus and the Russian Federation could be purchased at $ 0.24-0.33 / kg. No significant changes were recorded in the markets of these two countries. IN Of Russia potato prices ranged from $ 0.13-0.22 / kg, and in Belarus they, as before, formed in the range from $ 0.19 / kg to $ 0.23 / kg.

At the same time, the countries of Central Asia were marked by rising prices for potatoes. IN Tajikistan standard products on average went up to $ 0.24 / kg, although low-quality potatoes, on the contrary, fell in price to $ 0.19 / kg. IN Uzbekistan sellers also managed to raise prices to $ 0.24-0.29 / kg, and Kyrgyzstan joined suppliers from Russia on the local market.


Unlike the potato market, carrot prices in Poland have grown a little. At the end of the week, these products in the Polish market could be purchased on average at $ 0.19 / kg, and the minimum price for carrots, at all, rose to $ 0.18 / kg.

In other countries, the situation either did not change, or was characterized by a decrease in prices.

Carrot prices as of Feb 07, 2020

So in Of Russia, due to increased sales from storage facilities and an increase in the supply of low-quality products, carrots fell in price to an average of $ 0.16 / kg. At the same time, farmers with stocks of high-quality products have so far preferred not to speed up their sales, and prices for such carrots still reached $ 0.22 / kg.

Meanwhile, the market for carrots in the leading countries at prices remained stable. IN Georgia sellers offered these products at prices up to $ 0.38 / kg, and in Moldova carrots were sold on average at $ 0.29 / kg, although the maximum price level in this country rose to $ 0.34 / kg. There were no particular changes in Ukraine and Belarus: $ 0.10-0.14 / kg and $ 0.14-0.19 / kg, respectively.

In the countries of Central Asia, carrot producers, amid an active harvesting campaign, had to lower their prices by the end of the week. As a result, in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan at the end of the week, these products were offered at $ 0.06-0.08 / kg.

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