Potatoes fell in price in Georgia, and carrots in Belarus. Market Overview Week 30 2020

Potatoes fell in price in Georgia, and carrots in Belarus. Market Overview Week 30 2020


Potato prices plummet in Georgia and Tajikistan. Carrots fell in price in Ukraine and Belarus. Both products have risen in price in Poland and decreased in price in Moldova

According to East-Fruit, the situation on the potato and carrot market in the countries that are regularly monitored by the project was marked in most cases by a significant revision of prices, especially in the carrot segment.

Thus, the most significant decrease in prices for carrots was recorded in Belarus, where over the week they fell by more than a third to $ 0.34-0.50 / kg. Potatoes remained relatively stable in price on the Belarusian market and were still offered at $ 0.31-0.38 / kg.

Meanwhile, the most significant drop in potato prices this week occurred in Georgia… Here, at the end of the reporting period, these products were already sold at $ 0.16-0.25 / kg. As a result, potatoes were offered cheaper only in Poland, although a week ago Georgia ranked third in this indicator. On the contrary, carrots in the Georgian market have slightly increased in price to $ 0.16-0.26 / kg.

Potato prices as of Jul 24, 2020

Poland continued to maintain the status of the country with the most attractive prices for potatoes for consumers, although they slightly increased by the end of the week to $ 0.09-0.12 / kg. At the same time, Poland became the leader in carrot prices due to their fall in Belarus. In addition, the price of carrots in Poland has somewhat risen to $ 0.42-0.47 / kg.

A slight increase in carrot prices was also recorded in Of Russia… Here, these products have risen in price to $ 0.28-0.42 / kg, and buyers often complained about difficulties in purchasing the required volumes of carrots due to the general decline in the interest of producers in growing these products and the reduction in acreage. The Russian potato segment, meanwhile, remained stable, and prices were revised mostly within their minimum limits. At the end of the week, the total range was $ 0.14-0.25 / kg.

IN Ukraine also, the minimum prices for potatoes were mainly revised, and in the southern regions of the country, potatoes could already be purchased at $ 0.18 / kg. Nevertheless, prices for quality products remained stable and still reached $ 0.29 / kg. We also note that the current range of prices for Ukrainian potatoes is already a quarter lower than last year, and market participants do not expect a significant change in this trend in the near future. As for the carrot segment, the increasing supply of mid-season varieties on the Ukrainian market forced sellers to lower prices, and at the end of the week carrots were offered in Ukraine at $ 0.25-0.32 / kg.

Carrot prices as of Jul 24, 2020

IN Moldova prices were also actively revised downward, both in the segment of potatoes and carrots. The first fell in price to $ 0.21-0.24 / kg at the end of the week, while the second fell in price to $ 0.41-0.47 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Tajikistan The collapse in prices was recorded only in the potato market, which fell 15-16% over the current week to $ 0.19-0.29 / kg. On the other hand, carrots, in connection with the end of the sales season for the products of the previous harvest and the subsequent reduction in the total supply on the Tajik market, on the contrary, rose in price to $ 0.10-0.14 / kg.

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