Potatoes and carrots are growing in price. Market overview for the 15th week of 2020.

Potatoes and carrots are growing in price. Market overview for the 15th week of 2020.


Potatoes and carrots went up in price in Russia, Belarus and Moldova. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, these products fell somewhat

According to East-Fruit, prices for potatoes and carrots this week in many cases have been revised upward, especially in the segment of the latter.

Nevertheless, there were exceptions, and, for example, in Ukraine prices for both products remained relatively stable, and in their minimum limits even declined at the end of the week. So, against the background of growing potato imports from Belarus, the minimum price for these products decreased to $ 0.26 / kg. Negative price trends were also recorded in the Ukrainian carrot market, although in this case the total price range remained within the range of $ 0.11-0.15 / kg. Potatoes in Ukraine as a whole were offered at $ 0.26-0.37 / kg.

Meanwhile in Of Russia the market was dominated by a positive trend. If the potato rose in price only slightly (up to $ 0.15-0.23 / kg), then the carrot in just a week rose in price by about a third. At the end of the reporting period, carrots could be purchased on the Russian market at prices from $ 0.16 / kg, and to their maximum extent they reached up to $ 0.27 / kg.

Potato prices as of Apr 10, 2020

Carrot prices rose again and in Poland amid a sharp shortage of products of acceptable quality. Nevertheless, domestic potatoes in the Polish market nevertheless somewhat fell in price, although imported products did not practically change in price per week. So, at the end of this week, carrots could be purchased in Poland at $ 0.22-0.31 / kg, domestic potato prices reached $ 0.24-0.32 / kg, and potatoes imported from the Netherlands or Belgium could all also purchase at $ 0.26-0.34 / kg.

IN Moldova both products have risen in price. According to the results of the week, potatoes went up to $ 0.30-0.41 / kg, and the average price of carrots rose to $ 0.30 / kg. A similar situation was noted in Belaruswhere sellers of potatoes and carrots raised prices to $ 0.12-0.22 / kg and $ 0.12-0.16 / kg, respectively.

Meanwhile in Georgia price growth was recorded mainly in the potato segment, and its average price increased to $ 0.41 / kg. Carrots on the Georgian market, as before, were offered at $ 0.35-0.38 / kg.

Carrot prices as of Apr 10, 2020

As for the countries of Central Asia, last year’s potato sellers had to lower prices here, and the negative trend was most pronounced in Uzbekistanwhere these products fell by a third in just a week. IN Tajikistan the minimum and average prices for potatoes of the 2019 harvest also decreased, although high-quality products nevertheless became somewhat more expensive.

At the end of the week, prices for last year’s potatoes in the Uzbek and Tajik markets varied between $ 0.28-0.36 / kg and $ 0.34-0.49 / kg, respectively. Meanwhile, the potato harvest of the current year in Tajikistan increased in price to $ 0.78-0.98 / kg, while in Uzbekistan, on the contrary, it managed to significantly drop in price this week to $ 0.78-0.94 / kg.

Carrots in both countries again rose in price to $ 0.07-0.09 / kg in the Tajik and up to $ 0.09-0.11 / kg in the Uzbek market.

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