Poland: Early apple prices continue to decline

Poland: Early apple prices continue to decline


The main supply on the Polish apple market this week was made up of early products

According to the data of the daily monitoring of the EastFruit project, prices for early varieties of apples are declining on the Polish market. According to producers, the supply of these fruits on the market is growing much faster than the demand for the products themselves, which provokes a price decline.

The main supply on the apple market this week was early production. According to market operators, most often the apples of the “Earley Geneva” variety were sold. At the same time, the supply of these fruits continued to grow every day, while the demand in the early apple segment remained at a rather low level. Under these conditions, gardeners have decided to revise selling prices downward. And today early apples are on sale at $ 1.03-1.30 / kg, which is on average 13% cheaper than a week earlier.

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It should be noted that, despite the downward price trend in the market, today Polish gardeners sell early apple varieties at an average price of 2 times more than at the end of July 2019. Market operators explain such a significant price difference by a decrease in the gross harvest of apples in the country due to spring frosts.


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