Poland: Despite declining yields, cabbage prices continue to disappoint producers

According to the latest estimates of the GUS (Central Statistical Office), the harvest of white cabbage in Poland this year will be at the level of 0.7 million tons. This is 100 thousand tons less than a year ago, according to the Internet portal EastFruit with a link to the fresh-market website.

Despite the decline in yields, selling prices on the Polish market for white cabbage are still very low. Wholesale companies and retail chains are trying to reduce prices for this vegetable, many market participants note that the producers of white cabbage are partly to blame for this, who for one reason or another agree to make concessions and sell their products at reduced prices.

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Currently, the prices for white cabbage in Poland are only 0.45-0.50 zlotys / kg ($ 0.11-0.13 / kg). At the same time, the demand for today is quite low, and the supply of white cabbage continues to grow, since now the harvesting of later varieties of this crop is underway.

Note that there will be not so much high-quality white cabbage in the current season, because the weather during the growing season had a negative impact on the quality characteristics of this vegetable. Key market players predict an increase in selling prices for white cabbage in the second half of the season.