Poland: Cold weather pushes raspberry prices up

Poland: Cold weather pushes raspberry prices up


To date, sales of raspberries are already announced at an average of 25 zlotys per kilogram ($ 6.62 / kg)

On the wholesale markets in Poland this week there is an increase in prices for raspberries, according to analysts of the EastFruit project with reference to the fresh-market website. So, even at the beginning of this week, raspberries in the wholesale markets were offered for sale from 16 to 18 zlotys per kilogram ($ 4.23-4.76 / kg), and in some cases the producers agreed to sell this berry at 12 zlotys per kilogram. ($ 3.18 / kg). But since the middle of the week, raspberry prices have increased by an average of 30%. To date, the sale of this berry is already announced at an average of 25 zlotys per kilogram ($ 6.62 / kg).

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At the same time, many raspberry producers believe that the price of these berries will continue to grow. They argue that raspberries are a thermophilic culture, and from the end of August to the beginning of September, Poland experienced wonderful sunny weather, which contributed to the rapid ripening of these berries. Now it has become sharply colder, and forecasters predict a further decrease in average daily temperatures.

Such a sudden cold snap is a shock for this culture. Raspberry yields can drop dramatically due to adverse weather conditions. This will automatically raise the wholesale raspberry prices to a higher level. At the same time, some gardeners are already announcing the price of this berry at the level of 30 zlotys per kilogram ($ 7.94 / kg).


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