Poland: Apple prices hit historic highs

Poland: Apple prices hit historic highs


The impetus for an unprecedented price increase for apples was the coronavirus pandemic.

The end of the 2019/2020 season will definitely go down in the history of Poland’s apple industry, EastFruit analysts report with reference to the fresh-market website. Over the past 10 years, Poland has never had such high prices for apples.

The impetus for an unprecedented price increase for apples was the coronavirus pandemic, the consequences of which literally excited the European market for fruits and vegetables. Apples were one of the leaders in this situation, because the demand for them exorbitantly increased. And since stocks of high-quality fruits in cold stores were small, high demand quickly pushed apple prices up.

When the influence of the coronovirus began to weaken, adverse spring weather contributed to the rise in apple prices. This year, Poland had a very cold spring with record cold May. This delayed the season of soft and stone fruits and contributed to the fact that their supply on the Polish market today remains relatively low, and their prices on the contrary remain relatively high, which in turn stimulates the intensification of trade and procurement activities in the local apple segment.

As a result, after the April jump in the price of apples, when the wholesale price rose by an average of 60%, another increase in the price of these fruits is observed in Poland, and currently the prices for the most popular apple varieties have already exceeded 4.00 zł / kg ($ 1 , 01 / kg).


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