Pear prices in Uzbekistan are much higher than the levels of previous years

About three weeks remain until the end of the massive pear harvest in Uzbekistan. The pear harvesting season in the country begins in the first decade of July and ends in the second decade of October; the total duration of the season is about 3.5 months.

Despite the fact that most of the harvest season is behind us, current pear prices in Uzbekistan are well above the levels of previous years. As of September 23, 2021, the average wholesale prices for this fruit in the capital markets of the republic are 16,000 soums / kg ($ 1.5), which is 78% higher than on the same date in 2020 and 128% higher than on this same date 2019.

Given that the harvest of early and mid-season varieties has been completed and the harvest of late varieties has already begun, as well as the fact that the country is not an exporter of this product, but, on the contrary, is an importer, current prices indicate a low harvest in 2021. At least early and mid-season pear varieties.

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The reason for the low pear harvest this year, as in the case of the harvest of apples and many types of stone fruit, is the weather anomalies observed in Uzbekistan in the winter months and early spring.

EastFruit analysts note that the average wholesale prices for pears in Uzbekistan are one of the highest among the countries where EastFruit monitors wholesale prices for fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. Higher only in Russia – $ 1.16 / kg, and in Belarus at about the same level – $ 1.40 / kg. In other monitoring countries, prices are much lower: in Ukraine – $ 0.87 / kg, Tajikistan – $ 0.80 / kg, Georgia – $ 0.64 / kg, Moldova – $ 0.56 / kg.