Pear acreage is shrinking in almost all EU countries

Pear acreage is shrinking in almost all EU countries


Most of the pears produced are sold on the internal market of the European Union

The Conference variety occupies 42% of the EU pear production structure, according to the report of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Abate Fetel is the second most popular variety among producers and Bartlett closes the top three.

The pear harvest in Europe in 2020 will amount to 2.2 million tons. This figure is 12% more than last season’s production and 1% above the three-year average. The frost will reduce pear harvests in Portugal, Hungary, Italy and Spain. In Belgium, production recovered after unfavorable weather.

Pear production in the EU continues to decline, with the exception of the Netherlands and Belgium, where the Conference variety has expanded, FruitNews writes.

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To stabilize the market situation, it is necessary to balance production and demand. The current price level is the same as the previous year. Most of the fruits produced are sold on the EU internal market.

The largest exporters to non-EU countries are Spain and Portugal. About half of Spanish pears are destined for North Africa, the rest for the Middle East. All Portuguese pears were sent to Brazil, where there were serious logistical problems due to COVID. Suppliers from Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium mainly supplied fruit to the European market.

Most pears are consumed in Germany. According to American analysts, changes in EU-UK relations will significantly affect supplies, as the kingdom purchases a significant part of the European fruit harvest.


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