Overview of the situation on the fruit and vegetable market of Moldova (01.20.20-26.01.20)

Overview of the situation on the fruit and vegetable market of Moldova (01.20.20-26.01.20)

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The most important news of the fruit and vegetable sector of Moldova over the past week – in one review

The EastFruit team presents you an overview of the situation in the market of fruits and vegetables in Moldova. Briefly about the main thing:

  • Moldovan apple prices rise, but farmers expect more

  • Moldovan farmers adopt Polish experience in the production and sale of apples

  • In Moldova, due to intensive imports, prices for potatoes decreased

  • Carrots expectedly fell in price on the Moldovan market

  • Walnut continues to rise in price in Moldova

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What is this product for?

The flow of information that market participants receive throughout the week is quite large, and it is far from always possible to track the main points occurring in the market of a certain country. We tried to concentrate all the key moments of the industry in one place.

What is included in the reviews?

  • Last week’s news digest

  • Analysis of the situation on the market of vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts for key countries of the region

  • Weekly product prices and changes compared to the previous period

How to get reviews on an ongoing basis?

All materials on the Moldovan market will be posted on our website on Mondays. In addition, everyone will be able to send materials to the post office.

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