Outdoor vegetable harvest in Poland will be below the average over the past five years

According to analysts from the Macroeconomic Analysis Department of Credit Agricole Bank Polska, we are currently dealing with a long-term decline in prices on the fruit market. On the other hand, vegetable prices are rising, the financial institution said in a report.

The fruit harvest in Poland is still estimated at more than 4.0 million tons (+ 3.3% here and further to the previous year), while the berry harvest is almost 0.6 million tons (+ 0.5%), AgroTimes reports.

In particular, the harvest of apples is estimated at about 3.6 million tons (+ 2.8%), cherries – about 165 thousand tons (+ 8%), plums – about 110 thousand tons (+ 10%), pears – about 57 thousand tons (+ 1%) and cherries by about 58 thousand tons (17%).

The harvest of currants is estimated at more than 150 thousand tons (+ 11%), strawberries at almost 177 thousand tons (+ 21%), raspberries at about 120 thousand tons (unchanged) and gooseberries at about 9.3 thousand tons ( + 5%).

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The harvest of field vegetables will be approximately 3.9 million tons (-2%), and therefore will be below the average over the past 5 years.

The harvest of cabbage is estimated at about 700 thousand tons, cauliflower at about 145 thousand tons, onions at about 630 thousand tons, carrots at about 630 thousand tons, red beets at about 240 thousand tons, cucumbers at about 120 thousand tons. tons, and tomatoes – about 160 thousand tons. The harvest of the remaining field vegetables is estimated at about 1.2 million tons.

The harvest of protected ground vegetables will amount to approximately 1.2 million tons (+ 1.3%). In particular, the production of greenhouse tomatoes will amount to approximately 675 thousand tons (+ 0.7%), and greenhouse cucumbers – 295 thousand tons (+ 1.7%).

Analysts at Credit Agricole Bank Polska state that fruit prices have dropped. This phenomenon is attributed to a severe pandemic, a high comparative base last year, as well as high fruit stocks from the previous season.

At the same time, they note an increase in vegetable prices due to a decrease in this year’s harvest. The extent of further price increases will depend on the final harvest of late vegetables. Taking into account the weather conditions in August-September, it may improve.