Onions are getting cheaper. Market overview for the 24th week of 2020.

Onions are getting cheaper. Weekly review of the 24th week of 2020.


Onion prices declined in half of the EastFruit monitoring countries. Last year’s production season is almost over

According to EastFruit, onion prices this week did not show a positive trend in the markets of countries included in the regular monitoring of the project. So, in Georgia, Russia, Belarus and Modova they decreased, while in other countries they practically did not change. Note also that last year’s onion season in most cases almost came to an end.

Onion prices as of June 12, 2020

So, the completion of sales of onions in 2019 this week was reported by market participants Of Russia and Ukraine. In Russia, buyers almost completely switched to trade in crop products this year, and the market, as before, was divided between local producers and suppliers of onions from Egypt and Central Asia. At the same time, both farmers and importers were forced to lower prices amid growing supply of products. At the end of the week, Russian onions were offered at $ 0.22-0.36 / kg, while imported products fell in price to $ 0.32-0.43 / kg.

AT Ukraine the situation remained relatively stable. In the southern regions of the country, prices ranged from $ 0.19-0.26 / kg, and in the capital could reach up to $ 0.41 / kg. Participants in the Ukrainian market also reported an increase in demand for local products from importers from Moldova. So far, export volumes were small, and they were ready to buy onions at prices from $ 0.23 / kg.

In the very same Moldova prices for onion crops of the current year and for the remnants of last year’s production decreased, reaching $ 0.41-0.46 / kg and $ 0.35-0.41 / kg, respectively. AT Georgia prices also moved down to $ 0.20-0.26 / kg, while in other countries the price situation was more stable. So in Poland local products were still offered at $ 0.31-0.41 / kg, and in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan prices remained in the range of $ 0.08-0.10 / kg.

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