Onion prices are declining everywhere. Market overview for the 28th week of 2020.

Onion prices are declining everywhere. Market overview for the 28th week of 2020.


Onion prices declined almost everywhere except Tajikistan and Georgia

According to EastFruit, in the current week onion market in most countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, the downward trend prevailed.

Onion prices as of July 10, 2020

Farmers almost everywhere were forced to revise prices downward due to the growing supply of onions. The situation was not saved by a slight increase in demand for these products, since in many regions harvesting of onions of medium varieties suitable for short-term storage has already begun. As a result, product prices have declined, and in some countries quite significantly.

So, onions most significantly fell in price this week in Belarus, having decreased in price by an average of a third. In Poland, prices fell by 16-23%, and in Russia and Moldova – by 12-13%. At the same time, in Ukraine prices for onions fell mainly in the minimum range, while in Tajikistan and Georgia remained at the levels of the previous week.

So, at the end of the week, the highest prices for onions were still fixed at Poland, despite the rather active cheapening of this product. At the end of the reporting period, it was possible to purchase onions on the Polish market already at $ 0.25-0.35 / kg. Moreover, in Of Russia and Belarus prices almost leveled off: $ 0.14-0.24 / kg and $ 0.16-0.25 / kg, respectively.

IN Georgia sellers have so far kept prices at $ 0.16-0.23 / kg, and in Moldova onions fell in price to $ 0.17-0.23 / kg. Meanwhile in Ukraine in the capital, these products were offered at $ 0.13-0.22 / kg, while in the southern regions prices were still falling to $ 0.09 / kg in their minimum limits. At the same time, Ukrainian farmers talked about the growing interest of exporters in the purchase of onions for deliveries to Belarus and the Baltic countries, although the consignments themselves remained relatively inactive for the time being.

The cheapest onions, as before, were offered on the market Tajikistan, where prices still did not exceed $ 0.07 / kg in their maximum limits.

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