New batches of tomatoes and cucumbers increased pressure on prices in the region – market overview for the 10th week of 2020.

New batches of tomatoes and cucumbers increased pressure on prices in the region – market overview for the 10th week of 2020.


Cucumbers everywhere became cheaper, and tomatoes rose in price only in the east of the EastFruit region

The next week of the current year clearly demonstrated the impossibility of sellers holding high prices for greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers under the pressure of a gradually increasing supply of products on the market. As previously reported, in a number of countries analyzed, a new season of round red greenhouse tomato has already begun, and local cucumbers have long been present in the markets of all countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region, without exception.

Tomato prices as of 03/13/2020

The negative price trends inherent in the red round greenhouse tomato market in the previous week were only strengthened throughout the reporting period. And only in the easternmost countries of the region, where the supply of tomatoes could not fully satisfy the formed demand, by the end of the outgoing week there were clear trends in price increases.

And at the same time, in the overwhelming majority of countries in the region, the supply of greenhouse tomatoes in the markets continued to gradually increase, primarily due to favorable weather conditions in the main producing countries. And despite the rather high demand from buyers, sellers could not keep the previous prices for their products, since only a reduction in prices allowed them to increase sales.

So, according to the results of this week, the project specialists noted a significant reduction in prices for round red greenhouse tomatoes in Belarus, Poland, the Russian Federation and Georgia. And in Ukraine, where previous figures fell to $ 1.09 / kg, by the end of the reporting period, greenhouse tomatoes became the most affordable in the region.

Long cocumber prices as of 03/13/2020

The new season has fully manifested itself this week in the segment of long smooth greenhouse cucumber. As previously reported, local products have been present on the markets of all countries of the monitoring region for several weeks, and in some of them, local cucumbers have almost completely replaced imports from the market.

Over the past seven days, project analysts have not recorded price increases for these products in any of the analyzed countries, but long smooth greenhouse cucumbers in Georgia, Belarus, Poland and the Russian Federation have become cheaper. And it is in Russia, where the local currency has significantly devalued over the past week, the project analysts fixed prices for smooth cucumbers in dollars at the lowest level in the monitoring region, namely, up to $ 0.95 / kg. If we consider exclusively the domestic Russian market, then in the national currency the cost of a long smooth greenhouse cucumber there slightly decreased compared to the previous period.

Short cocumber prices as of 03/13/2020

Analysts of the EastFruit project recorded a similar development in the segment of short tuberous cucumbers this week. As in the case of long smooth, tuberous cucumbers are mainly cheaper due to a significant increase in the supply of products on the market from local farms. And the most dramatic decline in prices over the past seven days, from $ 2.61 / kg to $ 2.19 / kg, was recorded in Ukraine, where these products still remained the most expensive in the region. Participants of the Ukrainian market explained the rather high price level by the fact that from the very start of a new crop rotation, Ukrainian buyers are gradually switching to the use of local products, which are gradually replacing the main external supplier – Turkey. By the way, in the latter, by the time mass production of local products from Ukrainian producers enters the market, the next turnaround is traditionally completed, and the quality of the last consignments of cucumbers supplied is usually assessed as unsatisfactory. And this factor is an additional incentive for buyers to switch to a more expensive, but high-quality local cucumber.

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