Mulberry – a scarce commodity in the Ukrainian market

Mulberry – a scarce commodity in the Ukrainian market


2020, the number of requests for the purchase of mulberries in the Ukrainian market significantly exceeds the number of offers

Mulberry or mulberry in Ukraine is grown mainly in personal plots and is used, as a rule, by the same households, only occasionally getting to the market fresh.

It is very difficult to collect a large batch of mulberry fruits in Ukraine, because commercial production of these berries is not developed. Also, most people growing mulberries for themselves do not navigate in the varieties, dividing the berries only by color – into white and black.

Nevertheless, according to EastFruit analysts, the demand for this berry in the domestic market is growing every year. After all, both adults and children love her freshly. In addition, mulberry is used for the production of juices, mulberry jams and preserves, mulberries are dried, delicious fruit and berry wines are made from mulberries, and mulberry puree is used in the confectionery industry. Naturally, mulberry can also be frozen for subsequent sale to confectioners and other processors.

By the way, mulberry, in terms of consumption, has long been the number one berry crop in Central Asia, perhaps surpassing even strawberries, not to mention raspberries, blackberries and other berries. Its popularity is due to the relatively low price and the abundance of offers, because Mulberry tree is very common in this region. We already wrote more about this in the material “Mulberry – the main berry of Central Asia”.

In 2020, the number of requests for the purchase of mulberry in the Ukrainian market significantly exceeds the number of offers. It turns out that frost killed a significant portion of the yield of these usually unpretentious berries. Therefore, processors, traditionally purchasing mulberry, are now faced with a shortage of goods. Prices for mulberry for processing of any quality, which are voiced by customers now, are about 10 thousand UAH per ton ($ 380 US dollars per ton), which is not so much, given the high complexity of the process of harvesting these berries.

Therefore, the declaration of such prices so far does not cause much interest among suppliers, because the same raspberries are sold 10 times more expensive today, and the complexity of its harvest is much lower. Moreover, selling mulberry in the fresh market can also be much more expensive.

Given the trend of increasing consumer interest in different berries, the development of mulberry production technologies may be, according to market participants, a promising direction. However, it is now quite difficult to find information on intensive technologies for the production of these berries on the market.


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