More Dried Vegetable Enterprises in Tajikistan

More Dried Vegetable Enterprises in Tajikistan


Drying capacity at the new plant – up to three tons of fresh vegetables and fruits

Experimental work on drying carrots, onions, bell peppers, and potatoes was started by employees of the vegetable drying shop that opened at Marifatparvar LLC at the Tajik Pedagogical Institute in the city of Penjikent.

This workshop is part of the technological park created here, where there are opportunities for the production of a wide range of products and the introduction of modern innovative technologies.

To create a plant for drying vegetables, special equipment was purchased, which has a production capacity for drying up to three tons of fresh vegetables and fruits. Local specialists have modernized the processing line, and now it can operate on electricity and coal.

The vegetables and fruits necessary for the operation of the workshop will be supplied both from the orchard and vegetable gardens of the institute itself, and from the fields of farms, and the finished products, for the most part, will be exported.

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The technological park also includes a storage room for vegetables and fruits. It is designed to store 1.5 thousand tons of agricultural products.

The technopark has an area of ​​12 hectares, its production units are located in the building of a former tobacco factory.

Currently, in the Republic of Tajikistan, there are already several dozen workshops for drying fruits and, first of all, apricots, but the development of workshops for drying vegetables is still at an early stage. The first such enterprise, Khujand-Agro LLC, operates in Khujand. This enterprise has already established the processing of carrots, beets, cabbage, onions, pumpkins, garlic, three types of greens, potatoes, lemons and apples. Up to 12 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are processed here per day.

Earlier EastFruit reported that Khujand-Agro LLC already has contracts and supplies its own products to companies such as Galina Blanka, Doshirak, Magi and a number of restaurants in Europe.


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