Moldovan vegetable market operators forecast further rise in onion prices

Moldovan vegetable market operators forecast further rise in onion prices


In vegetable storages of agricultural enterprises of Moldova there are no more than 1.0-1.5 thousand tons of onion, and of poor quality

As EastFruit previously reported, in the first week of March, the average wholesale prices for onions in Moldova increased by about $ 0.05 / kg to $ 0.32 / kg. At the same time, the maximum price level reached $ 0.34 / kg. Retailers believe that at least the entire March of the price of this basic product of “borsch set” will smoothly rise for a number of reasons.

The first of these is a seasonal increase in demand, an attempt by the mass poor consumer to make up for the spring deficiency of vitamins through one of the most affordable products of the vegetable assortment. At the same time, winter stocks of onions (and other root crops) have run out even in many rural households.

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The second is a sharp reduction in stocks. According to market operators, there are hardly more than 1.0-1.5 thousand tons of onions left in vegetable storages of agricultural enterprises, and of poor quality (many specialized vegetable farms sold the best products back in December-January).

The third reason is relatively small export volumes in early spring. On the one hand, traders do not want to take risks and buy high-quality and relatively expensive onions in the nearest EU countries. On the other hand, they can no longer always find inexpensive onions of acceptable quality in the nearest regions of Ukraine. In this situation, the gradual rise in price of onions in the domestic market of Moldova is virtually inevitable.


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