Moldovan strawberry producers optimize the cost of growing berries

Moldovan strawberry producers optimize the cost of growing berries


Some farmers opted for weak chances to earn more reliable sales of wild strawberries on expensive early berries in the second half of May and June.

Representatives of the Pomușoarele Moldovei Association of Berry Producers argue that some farmers this year decided not to spread cover material on strawberry plantations or not to set low greenhouses for the early ripening of berries. Such cases “are not widespread, but they do exist.”

The first signs that in 2020 prices for early strawberries will not be too high, according to the association, appeared in the winter. In the second half of January and February, Greek strawberries in some Chisinau supermarket chains were sold at a price of about 80 lei ($ 4.5) per casserole (about 500-600 grams), that is, about 15-20% cheaper than in the same period of previous years. Then, in March, an order by the Moldovan authorities to close retail fruit and vegetable markets, as well as agricultural shops selling agricultural resources for some time, finally made the production of berries and vegetables on greenhouses a very dubious business.

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Apparently, in this situation, some farmers preferred weak chances to earn more reliable strawberry sales on the expensive early berry in the second half of May and June – albeit at a low price. Moreover, the observations of the last few years show that for Moldavian berry farmers the best place in the queue of suppliers of strawberries to the main (Russian) market is somewhere after exporters from the Balkans and Central Asia.

Moreover, forecasts for the export of berries this year are still uncertain. At least some strawberry producers are inclined to think that a significant part of the commodity flow will go to a narrow domestic market and even to processing. Given the likelihood of such a rather tough marketing scenario, Pomușoarele Moldovei experts recommended that the association members optimize costs, in particular, look for resources on the market, for example, “budget” fertilizers and plant protection products.


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