Moldovan producers are preparing to export table grapes

The grape harvest in the Republic of Moldova promises to be high. According to experts’ forecasts, only the “Moldova” varieties will be harvested about 100 thousand tons. Most of it will be exported, which requires not only a high-quality product, but also packaging in accordance with the requirements of the importer.

Oleg Mereacre from the village of Costesti has one of the most technically equipped vineyards in the country – with an irrigation system, his own weather station and a protective cover.

“This year, due to the cold weather, we are almost a month late. After an unsuccessful last year, when rains made it difficult to harvest, we installed a protective system. Hopefully it will get a little warmer so that there is more sugar in the bunches. This will improve the quality of the grapes, ”says the grower.

The Association of Table Grape Producers notes that, despite the projected high harvest, farmers run the risk of suffering large losses if they do not harvest and pack it correctly, writes

According to the President of the Association of Grape Producers Giorgi Gaber, Moldovan winegrowers supply both the European Union and the Russian Federation. Some markets have very strict requirements and the grapes must be properly stacked, packaged and weighed.

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Export is a sore subject for many farmers, but there are some successes. In a few days, about 17 tons of Moldovan grapes will arrive in the United States.

“To begin with, we plan to start exporting five containers. The price is good, one dollar, the buyer pays for transportation. I hope we will not sell cheaper, but only more expensive, ”says the manufacturer Maria Vidrashko.

They are also interested in Moldovan grapes in the United Arab Emirates. “Moldovan grapes ripen during the season when they are not on the Dubai market. This year, Dubai will host a large exhibition “Expo 2020”, in which representatives of many countries will take part, and now there was an idea to send Moldovan grapes so that not only residents of Dubai, but others as well, try it, “the association notes.

Since the beginning of the year, Moldovan producers have exported more than 24 thousand tons of grapes to almost 20 countries of the world.