Moldova – walnut yield forecast increased

Moldova – walnut yield forecast increased


This year, about 1-2 thousand hectares of new walnut plantations are entering partial or full fruiting

Specialists of the Union of Association of Producers of Walnut Crops of the Republic of Moldova have improved the forecast for the 2020 harvest of walnuts. In the spring of this year, they believed that due to several waves of frost and prolonged drought, the yield of this agricultural crop will decrease compared to last year’s level (about 32-33 thousand tons of nuts in shell) by about 20-25%. However, precipitation in late May and June significantly improved the condition of walnut plantations. They may have a little less fruit than last year, but they have gained a good mass. As a result, if the situation develops according to the optimistic scenario, the 2020 walnut harvest in the country may be only 3-5 thousand tons lower than in 2019.

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At the same time, according to the chairman of the branch union Oleg Tyrsine, there are many factors that can affect the actual amount of new crop production. The first is the poor condition of the “ownerless” walnut alleys along the roads, they suffered the most from frosts and diseases, the harvest from them is in question. The second is the focal spread of diseases (bacteriosis) in some walnut orchards in the northern zone of the RM. The third factor is a possible shortage of seasonal workers during the period of harvesting and processing of nuts. Last year, walnut growers “lost the competition for labor” to apple and grape producers for most of the season. This year, the situation may worsen due to restrictions and consequences in connection with COVID-19.

However, there are reasons for optimism. According to Oleg Tyrsine, about 1-2 thousand hectares of new walnut plantations are entering partial or full fruiting this year. In total, the total area of ​​walnut orchards, according to expert estimates, will increase to 21-22 thousand hectares. Also this year, about 500 hectares of walnut orchards were re-grafted, the yield of which had been declining in previous years.


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