Moldova produces kosher wines for export

Moldova produces kosher wines for export


This is very unusual and rather mysterious due to strict rules, which, however, are not related to winemaking technology.

The process of producing kosher wines itself is very laborious, because if in ordinary winemaking the tank is washed one or two times, then in the production of kosher products it must be done three or four times (so that there is no mixing with the remains of ordinary wine).

These additional treatments increase the cost of the finished product by 20-30%. A rabbi arrives at the winery, who assesses the situation and has the authority to issue a certificate of kosher product after he is convinced that everything was produced in accordance with all the requirements.

Several enterprises have experience in making kosher wines in Moldova. The pioneer was Basavin & Co. Such products were produced both at Chateau Vartely and at KVINT. At Dionysos-Mereni, kosher wines have been produced since 2011 every year.

Kosher wines are sold to synagogues in Latvia, Estonia, Israel, Canada, Ukraine, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and private customers in all US states …


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