Moldova: nets and films are the only way to protect the quality of fruits from the negative effects of rainfall

Moldova: nets and films are the only way to protect the quality of fruits from the negative effects of rainfall


The system of subsidized insurance of agricultural risks in Moldova applies only to cases of reduction in the quantity but not the quality of the crop

In May-June, the fruit and berry sector of Moldova, especially the segment of production of strawberries and cherries, was badly damaged by rains and hail. At the same time, the number of crops did not decrease, but its quality fell sharply. In the past few years, due to climate change (a process characterized by prolonged droughts, alternating with short periods of rain showers with hail and a sharp temperature drop), the problem of reducing the quality of fruits and berries in the Republic of Moldova has acquired a systemic character. Moreover, for several reasons, the options for solving this problem in the country are extremely limited.

Judging by the reports, the anti-hail protection state service annually increases the number of purchased and fired missiles. However, it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of these measures: the system does not protect the entire territory of the country – border zones “fall out”, and farmers often complain – the damage from urban habitation still remains.

The insurance system does not help either. According to Oleg Galbure, a leading specialist at General Asigurari insurance company, in Moldova, the subsidized agricultural risk insurance system applies only to cases when the quantity but not the quality of the crop is reduced. At the same time, rains and hail in Moldova are rarely of such intensity that they bring down fruits from trees. For example, mechanical damage to apples by hailstones or cracking of cherries due to excess moisture is a frequent and widespread phenomenon. For the third year now, the Ministry of Agriculture MADRM, in cooperation with insurance companies and associations of agricultural producers, has been trying to develop a new version of the law on subsidized insurance of agricultural risks in the Republic of Moldova, which, in particular, would provide for the possibility of insuring quality losses due to weather disasters. Moreover, in parallel, insurers have developed packages of related products that are likely to be in high demand among gardeners. However, the chances that this bill will be adopted by parliament this year are slim.

Nevertheless, there is already a compromise solution – the draft amendments to the current subsidized insurance law, developed by a group of parliamentarians. In the fall, that is – to the period of harvesting the main share of the plum, grape and apple crop, the amendments could theoretically be legalized.

So far, in fact, the only reliable means of minimizing damage from urban habitation in the Republic of Moldova are the supporting structures of the anti-hail and anti-rain mesh / film in intensive orchards and vineyards. However, at present they cover less than 1 thousand ha of perennial plantations. Last year, the Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture AIPA authorized postinvestment subsidies for the purchase and installation of such systems on only 95 hectares.


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nets and films are the only way to protect the quality of fruits from the negative effects of rainfall