Modern technologies, export diversification and a virtual tour are the everyday life of a successful horticultural economy (video)

Iurie Diuta is one of the largest Transnistrian apple exporters and a beneficiary of the Platform for the Development of Export Opportunities for Fruit Producers from Both Banks of the Dniester, created by the Moldova Fruit and Dniester Fruit Associations with the assistance of Sweden and UNDP. Ten years ago, he had 7 hectares of apple orchards, and now – 65, plus 12 hectares of land for berries.

Diuta is proud to say that he uses the most modern gardening methods and is experimenting with highly effective varieties from Italy, Spain and Belgium. Now the gardener exports fruits mainly to Russia, but he intends to diversify the sales market.

According to, Iurie Diuta laid the garden using European technology. There is enough space between the rows of trees for a special car to pass – this makes it easier to collect fruits.

This garden covers an area of ​​24 hectares. According to the gardener, he planted eight varieties of apple trees, and the most popular is Fuji. From one such tree, the gardener collects about two buckets of apples.

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Part of the harvest has already been harvested – and now it is stored in the refrigerator, waiting for export. Another pride of the gardener is packaging technology. But that’s not all: thanks to the associations Moldova Fruit and Dnestrovsky Fruit, Iurie Diuta undertook to develop a virtual tour of his gardens.