Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova: peach harvest is unlikely to exceed 12 thousand tons

Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova: peach harvest is unlikely to exceed 12 thousand tons


Today, the price of peach in Moldova is almost double the last year’s level

According to the MADRM Ministry of Agriculture, at the end of June, judging by the information of the district departments of the ministry, the peach harvest in Moldova is likely to not exceed 12 thousand tons. In the spring of this year, it was forecasted at around 23 thousand tons, which is close to the level of production of these fruits in 2019. Thus, specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture have not yet improved the pessimistic assessment of peach yield losses (minus 50-60%) due to frost in April-May, despite the growing supply of this product.

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Over the last week of June, according to farmers, peach in the wholesale markets of the cities of the Republic of Moldova, on average fell another 1-3 lei / kg – up to 15-18 lei / kg ($ 0.9-1.03 / kg). In some areas of the central zone of the country, a peach of small diameter was offered in the middle of the week at 12-13 lei / kg ($ 0.72-0.78 / kg), but the majority of farmers are not yet ready to accept this price level as a base. Nevertheless, experts from agricultural producers associations do not exclude that, for a combination of reasons, peach prices will drop to 10 lei / kg ($ 0.6 / kg) by the end of the first decade of July.

However, even such a price is almost double the last year’s level. In mid-July last year, the price of a small dessert peach almost equaled the price of a technical peach for processing – 5-6 lei / kg ($ 0.3-0.36 / kg). As a result, in 2020, a paradoxical situation may arise when, at a very high level of crop losses, relatively high selling prices of products will allow farmers, from a financial point of view, to complete the current season with good results.


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