Mexico lowers expectations for berry export due to COVID-19

Mexico lowers expectations for berry export due to COVID-19


At the moment, more than 47 thousand hectares are occupied by berries in Mexico

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related drop in demand, Mexico has lowered expectations for the export of berries to the United States and Canada (the largest markets for these products), EastFruit reports citing FreshFruitPortal. However, the country will still manage to export more berries than a year earlier.

According to Jose Luis Bustamante Fernandez, President of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mexican Berry Exporters (Aneberries), in 2020 Mexico will be able to increase its exports of berries to the United States and Canada by only 5%, although earlier plans called for significantly more growth.

At the moment, over 47 thousand hectares of berries are occupied in the country, and the annual export of these products from Mexico is about 400 thousand tons, bringing in $ 2.5 billion in revenue. At the same time, Mexico is completely dependent on supplies to the United States and Canada, which purchase 97.5% of total exports. Thus, the country is now facing the task of diversifying the directions of supplies, and the emphasis in this case is on the markets of Asia and the Middle East.

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The key point in export diversification will be the issues of logistics and the search for commercial partners. “Exports should be made by air, especially in the case of raspberries and blackberries, while the pandemic has caused disruptions in intercontinental flights. In addition, we will have to look for good business partners who will buy our products all year round, since one shipment does not mean that the market has already been conquered, ”added H. Fernandez.


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