Melons season ends in Ukraine

Melons season ends in Ukraine


Throughout the season, the price of melons in Ukraine was kept at a fairly high level

This year, the melon season in Ukraine will end on average two weeks earlier than in 2019, according to analysts of the EastFruit project. According to market operators, this is due to a decrease in the production of melons in the country due to a reduction in the area under this crop, as well as due to unfavorable weather conditions.

“In general, Ukrainian farmers are satisfied with the current season of melons and gourds,” commented Oleksandr Khorev, head of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project. “But only from the point of view of economic efficiency, as for the harvest itself, then, according to them, the gross harvest of high-quality watermelons and melons in 2020 decreased by half in relation to the last season. Naturally, there is nothing to report about the expansion of the export geography and the increase in the volume of melons sent to foreign markets. And it is the latest facts that leave a lot of questions on the further effective development of the melons and gourds market in Ukraine, ”concluded the expert.

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Note that during the whole season the price for melons in Ukraine was kept at a fairly high level. To date, manufacturers offer for sale the remaining lots of watermelons at a price of 1.50-3.50 UAH / kg ($ 0.05-0.13 / kg), which is on average 2.5 more expensive than at the end of last summer. Meanwhile, farmers are ready to ship the last batches of melons at a price of 3-5 UAH / kg ($ 0.11-0.18 / kg), depending on the variety and quality, which actually corresponds to the last year’s price level in the same period.


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