Melons predominantly rose in price – melons market overview for the 33rd week of 2020

Melons predominantly rose in price – melons market overview for the 33rd week of 2020


Melons and watermelons became cheaper in Ukraine, and more expensive – in Tajikistan

A week earlier, the specialists of the East-Fruit project did not note the stability of the situation on the melon market in the monitoring region and recorded multidirectional price trends. But already from the beginning of this week in several countries of the region at once price changes in segments watermelons and melons paused. And according to the results of the reporting period, analysts stated that in most countries of the monitoring region prices for melons and gourds remained at the level of the previous period.

The balanced supply and demand of watermelons on the markets of Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and the Russian Federation did not give the sellers any reason to adjust the previously set prices throughout the current week.

The same cannot be said about Ukraine, where a number of price fluctuations have been recorded throughout the current period. So, since the beginning of this week, a rapid increase in the supply of watermelons was noted in Ukraine, which immediately led to a noticeable decrease in prices in this segment, but by the end of the analyzed period, market operators did not notice an overabundance of products on the market, and prices for watermelons there slightly recovered. As a result of the current week as a whole: a slight drop in prices for this type of melons in Ukraine from $ 0.14 / kg to $ 0.13 / kg. Apart from the Ukrainian one, the decline in prices for watermelons was not observed in any of the markets.

A rise in the price of watermelons by the end of the reporting period was noted in two countries of the monitoring region at once. Oddly enough, it was in those where they were extreme, namely, in Tajikistan (from $ 0.05 / kg to $ 0.08 / kg), and in Poland, where average prices for watermelon have already reached $ 0.43 / kg.

Such countries of the region as Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Poland were characterized by stable prices for melons throughout the reporting period. As in the case of watermelons, the decline in prices for melons was noted only in the Ukrainian market, where every day of the reporting week there was an increase in the volume of new batches of products entering the market.

At the same time, in Russia and Tajikistan, there were more and more interruptions in the supply of new batches of melons to the market, which led to an increase in the previously announced prices to $ 0.41 / kg and $ 0.12 / kg, respectively.

According to analysts of the East-Fruit project, the season of melons and gourds in the region has already passed an active phase in most of the analyzed countries, and in some it has begun to come to an end, which suggests that new price fluctuations in this segment can be expected in the near future.

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