Melons and watermelons rose in price in Russia, and became cheaper in Belarus. Melons market overview for the 35th week of 2020

Melons and watermelons rose in price in Russia, and became cheaper in Belarus. Melons market overview for the 35th week of 2020


The maximum prices for melons remain in Poland, and the rise in prices for watermelons there continued

If even a week earlier positive price trends in the segment watermelons were noted only in a few countries, then by the end of the reporting period they already dominated in the entire monitoring region of the East-Fruit project.

The most notable fact on the watermelon market during this week was the strengthening of price growth trends in the Polish market, where local operators reported a gradual decrease in the supply of melons, which, in some cases, was noted as insufficient.

It should be noted that the prices for watermelons in Poland last week crossed the mark of $ 0.5 / kg, and by the end of this week, wholesale consignments of this type of melons in Poland were sold on average at $ 0.53 / kg.

After a significant drop in prices for watermelons in Ukraine, which was recorded last week, when the average price tags there practically reached the lowest price level in the region, the situation gradually stabilized and sellers managed to avoid further decline.

But, as mentioned above, during the reporting week in the countries of the region, there were more and more cases of price increases in the watermelon segment. So, in addition to Poland, over the past 7 days, watermelons have risen in price on the Russian market and in Belarus, and most dramatically, from $ 0.18 / kg to $ 0.24 / kg, watermelons have risen in price in Moldova.

It was on the Moldovan market that for a long period, unfavorable for the growing season of plants, dry weather was recorded, and recently there has been a gradual decrease in supply on the market for many fruit and vegetable positions, and for watermelons in particular, even despite the active phase of the sales season.

As an exception in the outgoing week, the project specialists identified a decrease in prices for melons and gourds in Belarus, which was provoked by the high, previously established level of prices for watermelons and melons, which, in turn, had a significant impact on purchasing activity.

Until now, prices for watermelons and melons in Belarus have long been among the highest among all analyzed countries in the monitoring region of the East-Fruit project, with the exception of Poland. And even after the establishment of negative price trends in the segment of watermelons on the Belarusian market, they continued to be one of the most expensive in the region, on average at $ 0.34 / kg.

Melons, in contrast to watermelons, lost more significantly in price in Belarus over the past week, and by the end of the reporting period, price tags stopped at $ 0.49 / kg, which was close to the average for the region as a whole.

As in the case of watermelons, a drop in prices for melons over the last week in other countries has not been recorded, nor has there been a general increase in this segment.

The exception was the Russian Federation, where local producers noted the current melon production season as unsatisfactory, since the yield was two times less than expected, and the quality indicators of these products left much to be desired. In view of the fact that the main season for selling cheaper local melons in Russia has already ended, sellers have gradually increased selling prices for better quality imported products, which by the end of the outgoing week already constituted the bulk of the supply of melons on the Russian market.

In the rest of the countries of the monitoring region, prices for melons remained at the level of the previous period, as well as the rate of sale of available volumes of products.

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