Maldives – a new market for Ukrainian apples

Maldives – a new market for Ukrainian apples


The first deliveries of a premium Lass apple to the Maldives were carried out by the Gadz farm

The Gadz farm from Ternopil Oblast (Ukraine) made the first deliveries of an extra-class apple to the Maldives in early February of this year. About this writes Agri-gator with reference to the message of the company in social networks.

Over the 9 years of the Gadz Sports Complex, the company managed to achieve significant results: seedlings from a Ukrainian producer are delivered to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden. Local apples are shipped to 18 countries. Now another farm has become available for farming, now a tropical corner of our planet – the Republic of Maldives.

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According to company representatives, in early February, extra-class apples were sent to the Maldives.

It is worth noting that despite the many species of plants in the area, for the most part, trees and shrubs in the Maldives are more decorative, rather than fruitful. The most common fruits here are bananas and mangoes. Other products in the region are imported from neighboring tropical countries.

At the moment, there is great potential for the export of fruits and vegetables from Ukraine to the Maldives.


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