It takes 20 years of experience to develop a high-quality technology for storing vegetables.

Potato and vegetable production is about more than planting, tending and harvesting. It is also storage, which is an integral part of vegetable growing. Each individual product (potatoes, onions, carrots, etc.) requires specific conditions. It is worth setting up a specific temperature and humidity if you have special equipment. In this case, fluctuations in temperature even by one degree can be fatal for the crop. For example, when storing potatoes, it is worth adhering to a humidity of 90-95%, and temperatures from 3 to 8 degrees (depending on the variety and purpose). If the product is kept in unsuitable storages, the losses can reach 20-40%.

To prevent such mistakes from happening, and farmers not to lose products, storage facilities must be designed taking into account all the conditions and needs of a particular crop, and the technique must be accurate.

How things are with such technological solutions in Ukraine and what is better to choose, in an interview with SEEDS he told Andrey Marushchak, Commercial Director of “Van Dyke Technics”, an enterprise established in 2007 as a division of Van Dijk Technics Holland in Ukraine. Van Dijk Technics Holland has been supplying the leading Dutch storage technology for onions, garlic and other vegetables and potatoes for the international market for 30 years.

“Ukrainian companies are trying to enter the storage technology market and, as a rule, offer very cheap and not technologically advanced solutions. But most often, after one or two seasons, the effectiveness of such a combination does not show itself from the best side. This is due, in part, to a lack of experience, since it takes at least 20 years to develop quality technology, for example, for technological storage equipment. We supply Dutch equipment, which is made by manufacturers, developers and technology researchers who have several decades of experience in this market, ”says Andrey Marushchak.

Regarding the best offers on the market, the specialist notes: “Today there is no alternative to the Dutch equipment for storing vegetables and fruits. In order to preserve the quality of the product, it is not enough to install three fans. Technology needs to be developed. Know how to properly install equipment, technological features of a particular product and storage type, understand why such a solution will be the best for a particular storage facility, etc. “

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According to Andrey Marushchak, successful suppliers of technical solutions focus on one area. This is the secret of their success.

“Now we are seeing business segmentation in Ukraine. I believe that this is correct – this is the world, European way. That is, companies should separate and focus on one direction. You should not take on everything at once. It is worth doing one thing, but very good. If, for example, a company understands vegetables, their storage, etc., then it is unlikely that it will have the same good knowledge and technologies for storing meat or refrigeration systems for supermarkets or meat processing plants and vice versa. These are other products, these are other solutions. One company cannot do everything very well. It is impossible to cover everything and there is no need to try. In history, we know many examples when there was one, very large, state that wanted to do everything and produce everything, and we know where this state is now. The products it produced were uncompetitive in the global market. We also know the example of the Netherlands, which specializes in vegetables, fruits, berries, or Germany, which specializes in cars and heavy industry, but buys solutions for vegetables and fruits in the Netherlands, ”notes Andriy Maruschak.