In Ukraine, the season began greenhouse cucumber new turnover

In Ukraine, the season began greenhouse cucumber new turnover


Since the beginning of the week, Ukrainian cucumbers fell by an average of 23%

Greenhouses in Ukraine have begun collecting greenhouse cucumbers for a new turn, analysts at EastFruit project said. Today, crops are harvested in greenhouses in the central, eastern and southern regions of the country, but in the second half of February, harvesting will begin in the western region of Ukraine.

Now sales of greenhouse cucumbers locally produced are in small quantities. According to experts, large-scale consignments will arrive on the market from next week, that is, almost at the same time as a year ago.

As for the prices of the Ukrainian greenhouse cucumber, the local combines began selling their products with fairly high prices. So, on Monday, prices for Ukrainian cucumbers were announced in the range of 90-100 UAH / kg ($ 3.66-4.07 / kg), which is on average 32% more than at the beginning of last season.

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But, at the moment, prices for local cucumbers have already dropped to the price level for the same period of 2019, and are announced in the range of 70-75 UAH / kg ($ 2.85-3.05 / kg). So, only from the beginning of the week Ukrainian cucumbers fell by an average of 23%.

Such a sharp decline in prices for greenhouse cucumbers at the very beginning of the season, according to representatives of the greenhouse industry, is due to the presence of a relatively inexpensive imported cucumber on the market, as well as strong competition between local greenhouse combines.


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