In Ukraine, the melon season began later than usual

In Ukraine, the melon season began later than usual


The price of melons is currently announced at an average of 26% higher than at the beginning of last season

According to the analysts of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project, the first melon lots this season went on sale in Ukraine. According to manufacturers, the melon season this year began almost 2 weeks later than a year earlier, due to adverse weather conditions. Farmers also report that rain and hail in the spring caused significant damage to the melon crop, and increased humidity can adversely affect the quality of these melons.

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According to the daily monitoring of the project, the price of melons today is announced on average 26% higher than at the beginning of last season. So, at the moment, Ukrainian melon growers in the southern regions are offering the first batches of melons for sale at a price of 25-35 UAH / kg ($ 0.93-1.30 / kg).

According to market operators, at the moment, the supply of melons from Ukrainian farms is small. Moreover, the demand for products is estimated as quite high. Ukrainian producers plan to start selling melons on a massive scale no earlier than mid-July.


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