In Ukraine, the area under raspberries is reduced, growing under blueberries

In Ukraine, the area under raspberries is reduced, growing under blueberries


Nearly 3 times more annual plantings of blueberries in Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are slightly fewer raspberry plantings. According to the coordinator of the fruit and berry direction of certification of Organic Standard LLC Vasily Shukalovich, last year their number decreased significantly compared to the previous year 2018. However, a completely different situation is observed relative to domestic plantations of blueberries.

The specialist spoke about this during the international forum “S-Fruit Transformation 2020 – Synergy of the Berry Sector”, which was held recently in Kiev, reports SEEDS.

“Many farmers who entered the raspberry production segment earlier, in many cases were not able to cope with the challenges that exist in this area. Some of them may have overestimated their capabilities.

The challenges were associated with diseases, with the laying of the most berry. If after the first year they did not show themselves, then in the second year many manufacturers faced these problems and were forced to reduce the area, or even leave the market, ”said the expert.

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As for blueberry plantations, their number is growing 2.5-3 times a year, says Vasily Shukalovich. Last year, a lot of new areas were laid.

“A similar trend is with garden strawberries. Area in 2019 increased slightly. This is the result of the fact that part of the manufacturers left this market. Some farmers who faced economic or technological problems ceased to be certified. They left the market.

But those operators who remained in the market, they invested in the plantings of strawberry garden. Therefore, the total area has not grown much, but there is a general tendency for the growth of plantings, ”says the specialist.


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