In Ukraine, record high prices for strawberries garden open ground

In Ukraine, record high prices for strawberries garden open ground


The open-season strawberry season in Ukraine began about a week earlier than last year.

This week, Ukrainian producers from the southern regions began selling strawberries from open ground, analysts at APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project said. Moreover, according to the daily monitoring of the project, the season of wild strawberry from open ground in most horticultural farms in the Western and Central regions of the country is significantly delayed due to a sharp cooling in April.

According to market operators, the open strawberry season in Ukraine began about a week earlier than last year. But, despite the early start of the open-season berry season, the producer of garden strawberries has already encountered quite a lot of problems. Firstly, these are April frosts, which mainly damaged the early varieties of this berry. At the same time, gardeners in the Southern regions report crop losses ranging from 5% to 20%, while producers in the Western regions report crop losses of early strawberry from 50% to 90%. Secondly, almost throughout the spring of this year, the amount of moisture in the soil was assessed as insufficient, which also caused serious concerns among producers regarding the quality of the crop of this berry. But, the last week “pleased” gardeners with a sufficient amount of rainfall, which immediately negatively affected the collection of open-ground berries. Today, many producers in the southern regions cannot start picking berries because of the increased humidity in the fields.

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“Abnormal weather conditions in the spring, including frost during the mass flowering of early strawberry varieties, as well as long rains during the harvest season, will negatively affect crop yields. As a result, we expect a decrease in the production of garden strawberries in Ukraine, which may support higher prices for this berry in the current season, ”voiced Alexander Khorev, head of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project.

All these factors have led to the fact that today the first consignments of strawberry gardening go on sale at a price of 80-110 UAH / kg ($ 2.97-4.08 / kg), which is on average 2.3 times more expensive than in beginning of last year’s season. At the same time, many manufacturers plan to continue to keep prices for strawberry at a fairly high level. They argue their decision, firstly, with significant losses in the harvest of early strawberry cultivars, and secondly, if the rainy season begins, this will affect both the quality of the berry and the timing of its ripening.


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