In the green market, general trends in price reduction have been established. Market overview for the 28th week of 2020.

In the green market, general trends in price reduction have been established. Market overview for the 28th week of 2020.


All types of greens are mostly cheaper, and most of all – dill.

The next week of 2020 brought a number of changes in the market of all analyzed types of greenery. According to EastFruit project analysts, by the end of the reporting period, the prevalence of negative price trends was already clearly visible, which was typical for all countries in the monitoring region.

The only exception was the situation in the segment cilantro, which this week has risen in price only in the Russian market, but immediately by 26% compared to the previous period. This greens fell in price this week only in Tajikistan, where an increase in supply led to a change in previously established price tags by 16%. In the remaining countries of the monitoring region, cilantro prices remained stable throughout the reporting period.

As for the traditional types of greenery, which, as noted above, became cheaper everywhere, the project specialists recorded the maximum changes in the previously set prices in the segment dill.

In Belarus, in order to intensify trade, sellers had to reduce the previously established price tags for dill by only 13%, while in Moldova this type of greenery dropped in price by 25%, although this change did not become the maximum. So, on the market of the Russian Federation, in order to restore the previous sales rates of existing batches of products, sellers were forced to remove 30% of the previous cost of dill.

In Ukraine, Tajikistan and Georgia throughout the current week, bulk dill was sold at previously set prices.

Prices on parsley during the reporting period, as in the case of dill, remained unchanged only in Georgia, Tajikistan and Ukraine. In the rest of the countries in the EastFruit project monitoring region, parsley continued to fall in price under the pressure of a gradual increase in the market for these products.

At least 13% over the past week, parsley has lost value in the Belarusian market. In the Russian Federation, this type of greenery became 16% more affordable compared to the previous period. And most of all, immediately by 20%, parsley fell in price in Moldova.

According to EastFruit project analysts, the current negative price trends in the green market in the region may change to the opposite, upward, in the near future. A decrease in supply may entail another wave of price increases for all analyzed types of greenery in the region.

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