In the automated greenhouse complex “New” of the Vologda Oblast (Russia), the first crop of vegetables was obtained

In the automated greenhouse complex “New” of the Vologda Oblast (Russia), the first crop of vegetables was obtained


8.2 hectare greenhouse complex built using Dutch technology

In May, salad and cucumbers grown in the Novyi greenhouse complex appeared on the shelves of Cherepovets shops. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the complex with an area of ​​8.2 hectares was built according to Dutch technology. The plants here are grown in the substrate in hanging trays. Most operations, such as fertilizing and irrigation, are automated. But cucumbers are harvested by hand. Ripe vegetables are 20 centimeters long.

“We harvest the cucumbers every other day, eight to nine tons per hectare. Each plant is inserted into mineral wool, it is made from natural materials, ”said Valentina Bogdanova, chief technologist of the greenhouse complex.

Sowing is also automated: on a special line, the machine sows three lettuce seeds in each cup.

“A cassette with glasses is inserted, there are 54 pieces in the cassette. Glasses are filled with soil. In the next section, seeds are sown – three seeds in each cup. Then comes automatic watering. But the operator controls the whole process, ”said Anastasia Frolova, a vegetable grower at the complex.

Now the complex is installing a tomato department. Seedlings will be planted in July; the first tomato crop will be harvested in October.

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“The latest technology is embodied here. These are fully automated greenhouses, which allows you to collect a high crop. The first crop of cucumbers we received three weeks ago, everything is already in stores. We will gradually increase volumes. Now we are harvesting only half of the cucumber branch, ”said Sergei Stolbov, director general of the Novyi greenhouse complex.

Cherepovets vegetables will be provided not only in the region, products are planned to be sent to the Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Tver regions and Moscow.

The complex employs more than 150 people. These are mainly residents of Cherepovets and the region.


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