In Tajikistan, prices for gourds are reduced

In Tajikistan, prices for gourds are reduced


The prices for gourds this year are several times lower than last season

In the markets of Tajikistan there is a high supply of gourds. Watermelons and melons are sold at fairly low prices. For example, watermelon in the markets of Dushanbe today can already be bought for 10 somoni ($ 0.97), and in the markets of the Khatlon region, prices reach 5 somoni ($ 0.49). Small melons of early varieties (handalyak) in Dushanbe cost from 3 to 5 somoni ($ 0.29-0.39), and in the Khatlon region – 1 somoni ($ 0.1). It is reported by NIAT Khovar.

Note that the prices for gourds this year are several times lower than last season. This season in Tajikistan, due to favorable weather conditions, a high crop of early watermelons and melons was harvested, which in turn influenced the offer of products on the market.

Market operators note that before June 1 in the Khatlon region melons and gourds were planted on an area of ​​11.9 thousand ha (of which 10.4 thousand ha were watermelons and 1.5 thousand ha were melons). From each hectare, farmers manage to collect about 300 centners.

According to market participants, this year 712 hectares in the Kushoniyon district were planted with gourds. Farmers of the district plan to collect more than 22 thousand tons of crops.


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Watermelon prices in Tajikistan