In southern Russia, locally grown strawberries appeared on sale

In southern Russia, locally grown strawberries appeared on sale


Local farmers plan to enter the market massively no earlier than the first half of May

This week, gardeners in the southern regions of the Russian Federation launched the first batch of strawberries from local farms, analysts at the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project said.

Local gardeners began the strawberry sales season at about the same time as a year ago. Today, individual farms are selling, the berry is offered in small quantities at a price of 180-260 rubles / kg ($ 3.8-4.4 / kg), which is on average 10% cheaper than farmers shipped the first lots of strawberries last year. Local farmers are planning a mass market entry no earlier than the first half of May.

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Also, now on the Russian market there is an imported strawberry garden production from Turkey. Prices for Turkish berries are much lower than for local strawberries. So, today Turkish garden strawberry goes on sale from 120 rubles / kg ($ 2.34 / kg).

Earlier EastFruit said that in Dagestan (Russia) they are switching to new technologies for growing strawberry garden. At the same time, it is grown using drip irrigation, as well as various modern technologies available to farmers. In particular, gardeners use black mulch material to grow strawberries, which protects the earth from drying out, gives the crop the opportunity to grow and mature in a comfortable microclimate, and also protects the plant from weeds, pests and freezing.


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